Supportive Assistance for Elders

Home Safe Service Levels

Level I

  1. A health and social assessment completed annually.
  2. Annual screening for health risks (e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes) and risk of injury (e.g., balance, memory, vision).
  3. Semi-annual home safety assessment.
  4. Teaching and counseling for health promotion.
  5. Consultation with or referral to nurse practitioner, physician, or other health care provider, if warranted.
  6. Assistance with Medicare or Medicaid forms and processing.
  7. A bound personalized health plan and record.
  8. Nurse availability by phone 24 hours a day.
  9. Quarterly telephone updates provided to family members.

Level II

  1. Level I services.
  2. Monthly telephone contacts.
  3. In person contacts every quarter.
  4. Health education and counseling for acute and chronic illness.
  5. Assistance with locating community agencies and resources that are available to elders.
  6. Assistance with calling or writing family members.
  7. If the elder is unable to do so, written, monthly reports will be given to family members. More frequent reports will be provided if there is a problem or change in health status.

Level  III

  1. Level I & II services with Home Safe initiated telephone contacts every other week and at least monthly in-person contacts.
  2. Review and assistance with medications.
  3. Interpretation of medical consultation and laboratory test results.

Level  IV

  1. Level I, II, & III services with Home Safe initiated weekly telephone contacts and in-person contacts at least every 2 weeks.
  2. Assistance with transition and implementation of recommendations for care following hospitalization or treatment of an episode of acute illness.
  3. Teaching self-care skills.
  4. Assistance with implementation of appropriate special dietary plan.
  5. Assistance with development and implementation of appropriate maintenance and restorative exercise.
  6. Provision and support for leisure activities (e.g., reading, games, crafts, outings).
  7. Consultation and assistance to elders and families in assessing and evaluating alternative living arrangements (e.g., assisted living, nursing home).
  8. Assistance with leisure activities.

Level  V

Services may be purchased in addition to either Level I, II, II, or IV plans. Level V services are billed either as a one-half hour or hourly fee plus costs of any additional equipment that is needed. Level V services could include:

  • Assistance with treatments, including exercise.
  • Assistance with bathing and hygiene.
  • Companion and escort services for church or other social or cultural engagements.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Transportation for shopping and appointments.
  • Assistance with meal preparation.
  • Medication administration.
  • Monitoring and assistance with management of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or hypertension.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses.
  • Treatment of minor injuries and infections.
  • Transportation to physician and other provider appointments. Nurse, nursing student, or Elder Assistant will remain with the elder during the appointment to facilitate interaction with the provider and to assist the elder navigate the health care system.
  • Telephone consultation, counseling, and emotional support beyond the amounts provided in Level IV services.
  • Intensive care coordination of multiple providers.
  • TeleVideo surveillance for an additional charge (cost of equipment and staff monitor).
  • Other miscellaneous services, as needed.

RN services, in addition to those provided at each level, are billed at the rate of $50 per hour.

Nursing Assistant services, in addition to those provided at each level, are billed at the rate of $20 per hour.