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Cathy Tholen, Coordinator
2461 10th Street
Suite 305
Coralville, IA 52241

Phone: 319-248-0477
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Are you an older person who is worried about living independently in your home as long as you can? Are you worried about an older family member or a friend who lives alone?

HomeSafe is the answer in both cases.

A nurse managed-membership plan, HomeSafe assists older persons enhance their health and quality of life. HomeSafe membership services are available throughout Iowa.

Quality of life for older persons — peace of mind for families

HomeSafe membership offers family members, near and far, peace of mind knowing their loved ones have someone to visit and support them. Five types of HomeSafe membership are available in members' homes, or in a residential care facility.

Free consultations

A free consultation is offered to help the member and /or family decide the appropriate type of membership. With consent, information about the member is given to the family. Telephone calls from family members are always welcome.

Each member in HomeSafe has a personal nurse manager. The nurse care manager will be assisted by nursing students and nursing assistants. All staff receive complete background checks and are specifically trained to support older persons in their homes. HomeSafe membership begins with a comprehensive health and home assessment. A plan of support services is developed with the older member and family. The information is compiled in a personal health record for the member and family or friends. Telephone contact is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for either the older client or family members.

Membership type adjustments

If the member, family, or nurse health manager wants to change the type of membership, it may be re-negotiated at any time.

Examples of membership services

  • Regular contact and oversight
  • Health and home safety assessment and education
  • Assistance with medications
  • Arrangement of transport to appointments/events
  • Help with obtaining available community services
  • Regular communication with family members

Personal record

HomeSafe provides a Personal Record of health and home assessment for each member. The Personal Record also includes an outline of contracted services and a schedule of visits by the nurse care manager and other appointments with space to record health data and any questions to ask the nurse or other services provider.

As a family member or friend of an older person living at home, do you have any of these concerns?

  • safety of an older person who desires to live independently at home as long as possible
  • no answer when you call
  • bills not paid, groceries not obtained, house not cleaned, and repairs not done
  • older person not getting to social and community events
  • misunderstanding and not following physician or nurse advice
  • lack of companionship and support of the older person

Are you an older person living at home with any of these concerns?

  • living at home as long as possible obtaining shopping, cleaning, and repair services
  • worrying family/friends about your safety and quality of life
  • getting to social and health care events/appointments
  • understanding medications and other health advice
  • feeling safe and supported at home


HomeSafe collaborates with the Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence at the University of Iowa College of Nursing to provide Best Practices care for older persons and for training of nurse care managers and nursing assistants.